Dangerous Dog Treats from Target

Catching my breath from that Brazil v Chile game (whew!!!).  GO BRAZIL!  That was so close!  Can’t believe that game… BUT!  This entry is about doggies 😉   Will try to stay on topic here…

Bella and I stop at Target all the time.  I walk in for a number of things and always walk out with something for me and something for Bella that I didn’t plan on originally buying… Darn marketing = it works!  In any case, I just wanted to make it known that there are dog treats sold at Target that are actually DANGEROUS for dogs.

Please read and sign the petition here.  We love our doggies and the fact that Target is selling dog treats that are anything but, this needs to be known.


Bella July 2013hells belles

Bella and I are on a boycott and not shopping at Target until this is fixed.  Yes, Bella is an activist, too!



Bring It!


*KALI by Janice Duke*

Sometimes in life you have to get so thoroughly disgusted with a situation that it forces you to FINALLY make those long overdue changes in life in your highest and best interest (and consequently the highest and best interest of all those around you).

I’m really tired of the fear and the victimhood in the world… a lot of this irritation, I understand, comes from a space of undone “shadow work” (needing to reclaim healed pieces of imbalance within myself instead of cutting “unwanted” aspects of humanity out of my life).

But even so… I know that if three years ago someone were to walk up to me and say, “This is what’s going to happen in a few years: with all that wear and tear, your health will be compromised in ways you’ve never been challenged before, it will be scary, you’ll consider quitting, you’ll stare at death and get to know her intimately, your relationships with your ‘family’ will be tested and soon completely eradicated from your life, you will be hit and attacked on all spheres of your life to challenge you…all of this… all of this will occur because you stuck to your guns and moved forward with your convictions…you’ll ruminate and torture yourself with thoughts of ‘is it worth it?’ and ‘how much more can I handle? If I even can?'”

If I heard all that, I would be shaking in my boots and seriously consider giving up on this work for the first time in my life.

Today, though I am much weaker and more tired than I’ve ever been in my entire life, I am ALSO more inspired, determined and passionate in this moment now to persevere. Sure, I am in that space of upheaval, of change (which is always good – it keeps us moving) and of great opposition to everything I believe in… Sure… But I think about my clients, my friends, even strangers who have benefited from this work (even in small ways, but even so, it means the world to me)… and I think of all the fulfillment and love it brings to my life every single f**king day, and you know what?

Kites fly higher against the wind… and all those forces that are so adamant about bringing me grief: thank you! I only grow from this. And… in a few weeks, I’ll be able to say you’re very welcome BRING IT! I am not afraid anymore. I have too much good left to do with this beautiful life. And if some things have to die to make room for new birth and creation, so be it. I’m ready. Stagnation is the only real death in existence. I know that much.

World Hum!

Sometimes in life, you just need that instant gratification… I’ve never submitted material to a “non-print” (read: online) publication, but as I haven’t been writing anything for the newspaper in a loooong time, I thought Why not?  I’ll have a damn go!  So I did.

This is just “because”…  I’ve been holding onto a couple pieces for awhile, waiting for the right fit for them, and I think I may have found one in World Hum.  Vamos a ver!  If I hear back (or not), I’ll probably have more to say about it in… a couple weeks maybe?  Fingers crossed!

Time to chant to Ganesha?  Probably!  It’s been so long since I’ve published anything (months! Yikes!) it wouldn’t hurt to petition some Divine intervention!  😉

ganesha writing

Spell Check is the Devil

I constantly find myself in conversations with other (many) people about how I am the only one left in their lives who is still “smarter than their phone” and has taken such a minimalist approach to technology, it’s considered pretty darn archaic…

But!  That said… My rebuttal has always been that the amazing modern invention of  “auto correct” and other such intellectually stunting technology has swiftly killed the art of writing and witty communication.  Why learn to spell or use proper grammar when you’ve got that handy dandy technology to fix everything for you?  Horrible…

On a lighter note, at least good jokes – when done tastefully – come out of unfortunate situations if the situations are light and collectively “PC” (no pun intended) enough.  I’ve been on a spoken word binge lately.  Love Taylor Mali’s work.  He cracks me up.  Makes me feel like the art of literary expression is not and will never die off in this world of hashtags and acronyms for phrases I’m yet to catch up on =\


Recently discovered Marshall Davis Jones… he is genius!!!!  Love it.  Absolutely HAD to throw his video in this post.  Amazing!  Check him out:

Throwback Thursday!

Preparing for my presentation today and the workshop on Saturday, I am surprised how much of my personal story and personal life have been exposed and shared over the years through this “calling” of mine.  Art does that, doesn’t it?

In a bit of a nostalgic mood today, so why not…here’s a throwback of my dad and me in ’89.  He’s the reason I’ve been able to do this work I love so much every single day.  Love you, Dad!  xoxo

I thought I was going to be a marine biologist at that age… then some 20 years later… I’m a writing dancer?!  Or a dancing writer perhaps?!  Oh the wonderful capriciousness of this life!  Love it! ❤


A Sad Day…


It is a very sad day in the literary world and all the other seemingly frivolous yet beautiful spheres of existence we share on this planet.  Maya Angelou was and continues to be a bright light.  Akin to pop music’s loss of Michael Jackson, we have lost a legend.  What an inspirational and beautiful powerful soul whose work lives on like her spirit.  Blessed Be & All Love.  Only Love.

Lovingly Unapologetic & Blissfully Free

not afraid

*Love this quote; it’s the shit*

More and more, I realize through the dance, through the pen, through the community…just interacting with Gaia in her wholeness…that my work is quite simple. Perspective changes everything and now, more than ever, I need to remember that.

There are times I forget to stay emotionally involved (authentic) WHILE not becoming personally involved (taking on a story that is not my own) because I get so enmeshed in the lives of those I work with. It’s all simple – by living our most beautiful and grandest visions of ourselves, we activate others to do the same.

If others are triggered or uncomfortable by it, we need to start being unapologetic about it. Why are we apologizing FOR Spirit? Spirit doesn’t need to apologize for shit. By showing others that the fear is not in failure, but in the fear of success that brings them down, we are freed.

For many who are living in that silly construct that says there are some at the top and some at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole are only perpetuating everything I work so hard to stop, heal and transform… It’s easy to not “go for it” because there is no responsibility. People are not afraid of failure, they’re afraid of success!!! Because success is work! Let’s wake these people up!

The more of us who are shining our brightest and smiling our greatest happiness, the more we will share this beauty of effortless being and purposeful blissful living.

Aho! (Little One, my Guide, says hello!)