Curriculum Vitae – UPDATED :)

CURRICULUM VITAE (click!) pdf file

This updated CV was loooong overdue!




So excited to be back at Sacred Roots for another Spirit Dance Workshop (yeah!).  Awesome stuff.  Love you all and hope to groove and sway and rock with you tomorrow night! xoxo   LAST TUESDAYS!!!  YEAH!!! 😀

Sacred Roots Spirit Dance Flyer 2014. Last Tuesdays.

Throwback Thursday!

Preparing for my presentation today and the workshop on Saturday, I am surprised how much of my personal story and personal life have been exposed and shared over the years through this “calling” of mine.  Art does that, doesn’t it?

In a bit of a nostalgic mood today, so why not…here’s a throwback of my dad and me in ’89.  He’s the reason I’ve been able to do this work I love so much every single day.  Love you, Dad!  xoxo

I thought I was going to be a marine biologist at that age… then some 20 years later… I’m a writing dancer?!  Or a dancing writer perhaps?!  Oh the wonderful capriciousness of this life!  Love it! ❤


Exploring Worlds Within through the Sacred Spiral


*dance photo of yours truly, taken by my pops: Josef S. Sarreal

Feeling completely drunk with inspiration right now. Recently watched my last performance on domestic violence to review some of my trance improv – I forgot what funky dark space I had to journey to to do that gig…and the tiny light I cradled in my heart for days after.

Working on an equally heavy piece right now but with a VERY different theme…There are moments I am amazed at how deep down music dives into my soul and shows me how much more is in there. This is one of those moments.

It’s a moment when I’m willing to keep dancing the rhythms of Raven Medicine, of Grouse, of Jaguar and of Hummingbird. They are the guardians of my practice. The balanced Creative Space of Darkness and Birthed Colorful Light honor each other here.

This is why I dance. This is why I live. Good times tonight at rehearsal

DANCE for One Billion Women Today!!!

It’s that time 🙂 It’s V-Day, Everybody!

This movement makes me weep… with sorrow for our scars, with joy for so much hope, in empowerment found in my fellow sisters, in solidarity with a greater love… I can’t understand why in this day we are still subscribing (as a global society) to such archaic practices: violence, war, hate.  We are better than that.  Fire only feeds fire.  That’s why we are dancing, that’s why we are praying, that’s why we are banding together with love and standing up!!!  ❤

Last year we had a beautiful event with the kids at APCH.  This year, today, I’m having my women make a pledge to themselves and to the world before we rock out to “Break the Chain”.  I see a different world, a more harmonious world, it’s always been in my heart… but for the first time in a long time, I can feel her breathing.  She is on her way.  For the first time, I see Gaia really transforming as ONE and I believe I will see this world in my lifetime.

Get out and DANCE!  Dance for the world you know exists, Dance for yourself, Dance for ONE BILLION RISING UP IN STRENGTH & BEAUTY!   I believe we can end this.  There is nothing more beautiful than feeling the shift finally happening here in this world.

Dance with us!

Dancing in the Lunar New Year!

13 moons have passed and we are at a new lunar year!  How exciting!  It’s a wonderful fresh start and inspiring renewal of energies!  I celebrated at a dance gig down the street with Forbidden City.  I ran into Flyer (great people – I’ve shared venues with them in the past) and some local friends came out to kick it afterwards.  Good times 🙂  I was super bummed that I didn’t finish changing costumes in time to catch the Chinese Dancing Lions (arrgh!), but next time fo sho!   Here’s hoping your intentions set with love, bliss and purpose are magically and beautifully manifest in this New Year 2014!  The Year of the Horse!  =D

forbidden city chinese new year