Dangerous Dog Treats from Target

Catching my breath from that Brazil v Chile game (whew!!!).  GO BRAZIL!  That was so close!  Can’t believe that game… BUT!  This entry is about doggies 😉   Will try to stay on topic here…

Bella and I stop at Target all the time.  I walk in for a number of things and always walk out with something for me and something for Bella that I didn’t plan on originally buying… Darn marketing = it works!  In any case, I just wanted to make it known that there are dog treats sold at Target that are actually DANGEROUS for dogs.

Please read and sign the petition here.  We love our doggies and the fact that Target is selling dog treats that are anything but, this needs to be known.


Bella July 2013hells belles

Bella and I are on a boycott and not shopping at Target until this is fixed.  Yes, Bella is an activist, too!



The End of Animal Exploitation

I love Care2.  I find myself inspired every day I read their posts before work.  This is a wonderful idea… One of these days, when I’m finally “Expat Jen” somewhere much farther south of here or I find an awesome space north of where we are now (Belmont Shore), Bella and I would love to expand our pack!  We just need space… But until then, it’s fun to visualize and dream 🙂   Here is a beautiful idea from Care2.  I don’t believe in captivity, but these domesticated animals (in my little opinion) cannot survive in the wild as they currently are and this is the next best thing!  Good stuff…



*This photo is not related to the article above, but Bella would look like this dog if she had a sheep to play with on our farm.  Bella loves sheep!  And this photo makes me giggle.  Love it!

The Bella Post: Good News & Pretty Good News…

Bells and I have some good animal news to share today 🙂

bat training

The first discovery was pretty awesome: when I was in Anaheim for my Spirit Dance workshop (you can check it out here http://www.dancingtehani.com) earlier this morning, I met a gal named Laura – a very cool kat and dog trainer at the Learning Light Foundation – who told me about B.A.T. (Behavior Adjustment Training) and it is fanta-bulous! 🙂

Bells and I have been researching this evening and it looks like an absolutely wonderful training module!  I read up on it, reviewed the flow chart (very helpful!), watched a few videos and I am sold!  Bye, bye, Cesar Millan!  Though I love all the work you’ve done for our doggies, this is the most humane and receptive way to EFFECTIVELY train dogs that I know of: http://empoweredanimals.com/   Some training modules out there are very receptive and not effective.  This is a great and valuable resource for all dog owners (in our “dog and dancer” humble opinion, of course).

Laura also made us aware of an insightful book (that we are ordering very soon) called Canine Body Language available on Amazon  http://www.amazon.com/Canine-Body-Language-Photographic-Interpreting/dp/1929242352     We perused the pages, and it is PURE GENIUS!  I agree with Laura: every dog owner should own this book!  Bella and I doubly approve!  It gets the Bella paw stamp for sure (and she’s mega picky!).

cove update

Our next and final story is bittersweet… The killing season ends early in the Cove this year, but the fact is, it is still going on.  With increasing pressure around the globe, we are slowly ending the horrible violence against our beautiful, sentient and intelligent dolphin friends!  But it still breaks my heart as it’s not quick enough.  We watch the dolphins out here in Long Beach (I haven’t seen them since my birthday a couple months ago) and it is agonizing to watch these magnificently free dolphins swim while mentally remembering/acknowledging what is going on just on the other side of our Pacific Ocean out in the Cove.

Rick O’ Barry is one of my heroes.  I don’t know how his heart can handle such pain, but as activists we know these little victories make it all worth it.  There will be an end to the slaughter.  I don’t know when, but it will end.  I know it.  I believe.

Here is the official update from TakePart: http://www.takepart.com/article/2014/02/26/thats-wrap-dolphin-killing-season-ends-taiji?cmpid=tpanimals-eml-2014-03-01-taiji

Salt Water…

Not so different from my post yesterday, I feel drawn to my blog again.  I feel drawn here because I don’t know what to do with this information.  I hate feeling helpless.  I hate feeling the salt water fall down from my eyes as I weep for Mother Earth’s children.  When will it stop?!  When will people learn?!  It makes me so angry and frustrated and helpless hearing ANOTHER story, which is just a tiny glimpse into the greater reality of destruction found all over our planet.  I’m still weeping… These just makes me so sad… It has been going on for so long…

Humanity must change its priorities!!!

I continue to go to the annual protest in front of the Japanese Consulate in LA, I continue to advocate and share information, I continue to care, to speak up… and though I believe public pressure is a powerful force, innocent sentient beings are still being slaughtered for profit.  Horrible, horrible.  I can’t handle this… people can be so terrible… Mother Earth who has nurtured us all with her air, her ground, her resources we’ve exploited and arrogantly claimed to be our own… is so terribly imbalanced and sick because of humans.

I hope it stops.  We are already at a tipping point, if not way beyond it.  What will it take for people to wake up???  Humanity is making great strides in so many areas, why are we so behind in compassion, in love, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters (human and otherwise)?  I can’t remember the last time I was so depressed about the destruction… every year, it’s the same thing, just a little worse and a little worse…



Animals Need to Be FREE!

Not only free from captivity, but free from all forms of human cruelty.  We have taken away so much of their natural habit already and destroyed so much of the Earth with supposed “progress,” it breaks my heart that Animal Planet cares more about ratings and entertainment than the actual animals they are supposedly “all about”.  What a cruel world we live in – don’t even get me started on the dolphin and porpoise and whale slaughter… Some days I just get so sad, it’s completely paralyzing… What barbaric creatures we humans can be.  This is absolutely horrible…

animal planet petition

Please support this petition:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/454/917/998/tell-animal-planet-to-stop-practicing-animal-cruelty-for-ratings/?z00m=20711104

This Breaks My Heart…

wolf snow

Please sign this petition:


These beautiful wolves – magnificent creatures – are being hunted down in a contest?!  I can’t handle this.  All I can do is spread the word and sign these petitions and pray it stops soon.  I am so tired of crying over things that should never occur to begin with.  What a cruel thing to do… All the wolf and dog lovers out there surely understand my sadness and I hope they also do what they can to spread the word.  Please join me in doing what we can from where we are.  Defenders of Wildlife is also a wonderful organization worth taking a minute to check out and support if you can – they are a strong voice for wolves and I love them.  Ugh… I can’t believe this.  It just breaks my heart.

Pet-Friendly Should ALWAYS Mean Pet-Safe

united airlines

As I’ve said before (in my Yellow Dog Project Op-Ed), pet-friendly has to imply pet-safe for anything to be considered sincerely pet-friendly.  I read this petition just seconds ago, and I am appalled.  It’s just so terrible.  I can’t imagine how much agonizing pain these people must have felt at the terrible sight.  I would lose my mind… We love our pets.

I’ve never taken Bella on a plane for this very reason: I feel (as many pet owners do) that Bella is my fur kid.  She’s family.  Period.  I would never allow anyone to ship her to and from terminals without my supervision (knowing it is very traumatic for dogs to be alone in such foreign environments even when they are, in many cases, tranquilized).  Anything can happen, but I had no idea that United Airlines was this bad. I’ve considered flying with Bells in the past, but that past consideration is now obsolete.

I feel horribly sad and heartbroken for these owners, but let’s hope – if any good can come of this – that big changes are made with enough outcry from the public.  Please join me in signing this petition to prevent other unnecessary tragic deaths of our four-legged family members.


From the petition (written by Michael Jarboes and posted by Michelle Gonzalez-Helm on http://www.change.org)…

OUR PETS ARE NOT BAGGAGE. The airline lobby may be huge, but the American pet owners “lobby” is worth 45 billion dollars a year and we demand change. We can make change if we stand together with our family members who cannot stand up for themselves.