About Tehani



Photo by Josef S. Sarreal (my dad! 🙂 )

In A Nutshell…

Jennifer Tehani Sarreal is an international dance champion (Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition 2008), Reiki Master, published writer, event producer, activist and multidisciplinary performance artist dedicated to bringing understanding, humanity and compassion to the world through her work.

Tehani is a Long Beach native who started her dancing career at age eight with a dance group within her family.  Growing up in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation, she grew an affinity for other cultures and their art forms.  Today her dance repertoire includes: Fire dancing, Polynesian, International-style ballroom and Latin, Middle Eastern, ATS, hip hop, West African and various folk dance.

A CSULB graduate with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, she is involved with both conservation and humanitarian projects around the world.  Her work within art and activism has been featured in various publications and broadcast media including The Press Telegram, OCWeekly and ABS-CBN.

Sarreal was nominated by the MCC-CSULB for Long Beach Arts Council’s Distinguished Artist of the Year Award in 2009, danced at the historic World March for Peace & Nonviolence, crowned Queen of Miagao at the Salakayan Festival (Philippines) and has taught and performed in over nine countries.

Tehani is the creator of the “Vaude-Nouveau” variety show, the “Artist’s Feast” Community Micro-Grant Program and the “Artists For Action Collaborative,” a free community concert/forum on art and activism (www.artistsforaction.org).

She dedicates all her performances and work to her late father and best friend, Josef Sarreal.

Josef S. Sarreal

*Visit Tehani at: http://www.DancingTehani.com 


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