I was so enraged…

I just didn’t know what to do with myself… I was so angry and disgusted with this aspect of humanity.  Please sign this petition.  I rarely feel instantly confrontational and livid, but this upsets me so much.  Animals and children are ALL our responsibility!  Where were the adults who weren’t around?  Who were the parents of all the teens involved?  Grown men and women do stupid shit all over the world every single day, and that’s fine.  But KIDS hurting an innocent kid???  C’mon!  Is that where we are as a society?  This pre-meditated madness happens to kids by kids?!  Very upset.  Very angry… but if I were honest with myself and I really dug deeper, I’d understand that under all this anger, I’m really sincerely sad and heartbroken.  Breaks my heart.  It really does… This is so sick and twisted… I just don’t understand… 

Please sign this & SHARE this petition with others:



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