CoSmic Relief! (get it?)

Hehehe, I’m being corny…but wanted to share some “Comic Relief for Cosmic Challenges”!  I have had the most BEAUTIFUL transformational day yesterday!  And though I am still ringing with bliss and fulfillment (seriously, it was one of the most memorable and magickal days of my life!), I still need coSmic relief once in awhile.  I have been blessed with AMAZING clients and beautiful community through this work I do… But!  Once in a blue moon, I get that little challenge (that usually appears as some type of initiation to an “upgrade”) in the form of a not-so-awesome altercation/conflict with another individual. This video reminds me of how funny and silly we all look when we’re overreacting.  So not sexy!  Hahahaha.

All is well and beautiful… but I have pretty messed up humor (I can’t help it!) and this totally cracked me up!  We are all born with one mother, but if we are lucky, we are blessed with many mothers in this lifetime.  I have recently reunited with one of those awesome mamas (love you, Diane!) – she’s an astrologer…I know she’ll get a kick out of this, so perhaps I’ll send this to her.  Ha!  Man, it’s some funny stuff… ;p

No point if you can’t laugh at yourself, right?  It’s true!  We Capricorns (I have a Leo Ascendant) just hold it all in and implode when we’re pissed beyond our capacity!!!  Hahahaha.  Hilarious…


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