New Moon Reflections & the Beautiful Ones Who Kick Our Asses!!!

leo moon triple goddess

I love me a new moon… and this new moon is particularly AMAZING!

With the New Moon here (yay!), it’s always a time of reflection, new (or reinforced) focus and dreaming our worlds into reality through understanding the Zen: be still in thought; act in passion only works when we do just that (both).  It’s an exciting time when we want to go, go, go, do, do, do… yet equally need to still ourselves and be, be, be…  This is one of the most exciting times in my life and I’m SO in love with the fact that the new moon is here for that extra kick.  I’ve been thinking about “pushes” forward this morning, and I can’t help but revisit a theme that has been flowing through my life lately: wolf medicine.  Everyone is a teacher.  Wolves, in the wild, will nip at their young (not in an abusive, way, but in a “hey, get your shit straight…I want you to be better because I know you’re better” way) to put them back in harmony (emphasis on the word harmony, not necessarily a form of congruence) with the rest of the pack.  My friends kick my ass when I need it and I feel so blessed for it.  It’s not easy sometimes, but remembering it always comes from a place of love always makes me feel grateful that they care enough to call me out when I need it because they know when I’m not calling myself out.  There’s what I see, what you see and the reality in-between.  Community is so important.

This has been my new moon meditation this morning: with all this new energy coming in, let’s not forget to breathe through it and remember to listen to those who kick our asses with that annoying (which only seems annoying because we’re imbalanced) and necessary wake up call. AND…as this particular moon happens to land right on top of my hangover (thanks, Erick! lol), it’s a wonderful opportunity to blog… It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down with a cup of tea and wrote for the sake of writing.  Oh the simple pleasures of life!

So here we go…

The most amazing friends are those who are not afraid to call us out when necessary – they are the friends who love us enough to get ugly when needed.  Ideally, we shouldn’t use dynamite when we need a broom, but when we let things get too far, they’re the first to blast us with reality.  I am so blessed with those friends… friends who aren’t afraid to be there, knowing that sometimes “being there” means saying what needs to be said ESPECIALLY when it isn’t what wants to be heard.  Denial is not a river in Africa, lol.

I am blessed to know that my friends are the VERY FIRST to support and encourage my dreams on this beautifully exciting, adventurous and fulfilling journey into the phenomenal unknown of experience!  It’s been a blessing to trust and surrender to the process, knowing that loving intention and passionate action (being ALL of what we choose) always bring delicious fruit!  These same friends have been there through all these years of globe-trotting and dancing and injuries and joys… BUT, I am equally blessed to know they are also the VERY FIRST to tell me when I need to be called out… Yup!  When things get out of hand, they love me enough to say hey, knock it off!  Lol.

Last night I had a great long talk (and several drinks lol) with Erick – swapping our goofy (and some not-so-goofy) stories, contemplating “what is” from where we are… and having the REAL TALK I needed to hear.  Sometimes it pisses me off to have people check-in to tell me I need to do A B & C and I know I can be a total stubborn hard ass about things… I know that.  And yes, I get irritated when my friends HAVE to play the state-the-obvious game with me (What did you eat today? What did the doctor say? Why didn’t you ask me for help?).  But I need that.  They know I’m not going to do that when I get so caught up in the whirlwind of excitement of what’s in front of me.  But as we all know, we can’t do what we’re so excited about if we’re dead tired.  It was actually the very pleasant real down-to-earth talk I needed.  Erick’s right, as excited and passionate as I am about this new energy and opportunity coming in (on all spheres!), it’s becoming too easy for me to forget to do the normal maintenance required to stay balanced: I need to take in just as much as I give… And that’s a hard lesson for a lot of us “givers” out there.

Erick and I talked about being the “fix it” people for others – about how we are still struggling to learn to receive as much as we give…about forgetting that giving is a form of receiving and receiving is a form of giving.  We give to ourselves to talk ourselves into believing we’re being balanced, yes, but it’s a little tiny trickle.  Perhaps it’s a growing-up-Catholic thing for me, but receiving just as much as I give was always a guilty counter-intuitive feeling until I was finally liberated to find the realization (on a visceral level!) that we HAVE to receive more if we expect to give more to the world.  We know that.  We know that – intellectually, spiritually… but in practice in the physical, it’s too easy to get lost in “oh, oh, another person to help…” and forgetting that, yes, we need to make just as much time for that massage, for that unapologetic gift we give to ourselves…just as much as we put time into the everyday work, energy and effort that benefits others.

What is in our highest and best interest (not just emotionally, but physically as well…take care of our bodies, for example) is naturally in the highest and best interest of all those around us for we are all connected.  There is no separation when we see things clearly… We know this, yes, but how often do we believe it?  What is knowledge that is not made our own internally?  Nothing. But practice makes perfect and if we know where we want to be, we will get there 🙂

So… with this new moon and new energy swirling around us, I want to encourage everyone to SHAMELESSLY do something kind to themselves in a big way.  If we are open to receive more, we will have a greater capacity to give more by virtue of having the energy to do it.  I have been so blessed to have the people in my life who force me to remember all of this and to remember that it’s okay to receive.  It’s actually imperative that we receive – so get to it!  With all this inspiration and passion flying around with this New Moon in Leo, we really need to remember to center, ground, breathe and listen to all those check-ins (internally and through those who love us) so we can be in the right space to not only accomplish all our hearts set out to do, but truly be holistically present and balanced enough to enjoy it!

That said, let’s all be grateful to those in our lives who kick our asses when we forget to kick ourselves back into gear.  Blessed are they who love us enough to remind us that every kick is a push.  And when we get to a point where we don’t need a little push, let’s try to be grateful for the ass kicking coming in, because it’s long overdue and it means we are loved enough to be called out on it.


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