The Grunion Version

The post I did (below) on my Thank You to Long Beach was edited down so I could submit it to the Grunion’s Opinion section.  Here’s what will appear in The Grunion next week.  Going to save a copy for Josh and Cindy 🙂

Bella July 2013


(photo by Johnna Lam July 2013)

The 300 word version… here it is:

There is a special charisma about Long Beach.  It’s warm, inviting, fun and slightly eclectic – like a good date.  Aside from being the U.S. Census’ “most culturally diverse city in the nation,” many locals have coined this area of the world “the biggest small town anywhere”.

This multicultural city glows with a feeling of interconnectedness that supersedes our starkly distinct neighborhoods.  There have been countless moments when the kindness of strangers has branded me with a smile, but it wasn’t until a moment of crisis that I sincerely understood this solidarity.  Maybe it’s just me and all cities feel this way, but it doesn’t matter: I love Long Beach.

I live in Belmont Shore with a Silky Terrier/Pomeranian named Bella and we regularly to walk to Dog Beach.  On one of these trips, a gray dog ran towards Bella from behind me.  I calmly watched, expecting the two to sniff each other then walk away, but the dog kept running.  He pinned her down, bit into her stomach and chewed.

In an attempt to save Bella, I attacked the dog.  People ran in to help as I continued my futile assault.  An eternal minute later, a man named Josh charged in.  He put his hands in the dog’s jaws and pulled.  Bella fell out and Josh was bitten, too.  Bystanders called Animal Control and I met Cindy who hurriedly wrapped Bella in a towel, drove me home and called the vet on the way.  Community in action.

Miraculously, Bella survived the surgeries and fully recovered.  I want the community to know that there are amazing people here (like Josh and Cindy) who have my heartfelt gratitude.  These are people who give me more hope and faith in my community.  Thank you, our heroes!  Thank you, Long Beach.

-Tehani & Bella


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